Virgil's Photo Gallery

Doug Varty

Guitar fantastico, and a great singer, from London Ont.

Joe Agnello

Great bass player and owner of Georgina Music, Keswick,  ON

John Mays

A dear friend and just one of the best soul singers anywhere!

Donnie Chapman

Great drummer, many times we had such fun in Halifax.

Joe Reynolds

Just one of the greatest singers in Canada and front man for The Meteors.

Some friends in Halifax

L to R back row , Dave Mcysac, Dave James, Kevin Goss, Bruce Jacobs.

Norm Brown

Keyboards, just let him go and its magic.

When I think of Jim Hillman, I think of this picture, what a great drummer, and a fantastic friend [The cat in the Hat] from Montreal, with The Merlin Factor.

Chris Murphy

He says he's a happy guy, from London ON, have sax will travel.

This was the Casino Windsor Band L to R back row Gene Hardy, Doug Varty, "The Late Great" Bill McCauley, Virgil, Jim Hillman, Jay Speziale down in front.  We visited the Motown Museum this week.

Bruce [JAKE] Jacobs

What a bass player and a dear friend, a Halifax boy now living in Winnipeg.

Bill Mcauley was a true Musician, and a great friend. Thx Billy.. We miss you.

Jeff Goodspeed. 

A great sax player from Halifax, always a great time on stage with Jeff.

When I think of Chris Dahmer, I think of this shot. He often has that great smile while he plays, and is just a great guy. This shot was taken at Old Chicagos in London Ont, circa 1999.

Dave Antonacci

Charlie Cooley

Charlie is a big part of my music family.  We have worked together since 1985, and he's always ready to take to the moon. He's just one of the best we have in Canada.

Al McCumber.

Just one of the best guitar players in Canada.  Many years with Tommy Hunter and I had the pleasure several times to work with Al at "Cheers" in Halifax circa 1996

What a great summer - Casino Rama 3 times, 2001.

Some friends from Kitchener at "The Still " - 2007

Its amazing what can be made with the kitchen curtains after your finished with them

John "J.P." Panchyshyn

Tom Bona is a great drummer and  part of the Maple Blues Band

OK..SO.. HELP!!  When your at Casino Windsor, and its the last day of a 5 night run, and the boys are a little board, they put on their latest stage fashions and parade throughout the hotel.  L Jim Hillman R [The Late] Bill Mcauley

Jim Lawlis

When I think of Jake Langely I think of this shot, taken when we opened  "The Assembly Hall"  in Etobicoke, June 2001

Mark Camilleri

Rod Phillips "Flying" the way he did so many times, every time he sat at his keyboard.  We miss you my dear friend  THX Rod

Virgil, Lorraine Ingle, Dawn Duvall, Kimberley Wetmore, & Jim Lawlis

Virgil and friends perform at Grand Opening for Premier Peterbuilt 
L to R Larry Bodner, Don Baird, Virg, Jim Casson

Tommy Griffiths not in photo. 

I'm so lucky to work with this lucky 7 
Front L to R Garth Vogan, Jay Speziale, Dave Antonacci 
Back L to R Uli Bohnet, Joe Agnello, Paul Passmore, Tom Griffiths 

Five of the greatest
Front L to R Micheal Fonfara, Virg, the late great Rod Phillips 
Back L to R the late great Bill McCauley, Grant Slater, Don Baird

A gig for the TD Bank at The Grandview Inn in Huntsville. from L to R  Charlie Cooley, Ben Jokela, Tommy Griffiths, Larry Bodner, Virgil, Christina Paoeletta.

Christina Poalletta. Christina is a great singer and part of a Motown Review that we have for corporate events and casinos.

Tommy Griffths and I met in 1968, and when I heard him I said, "that's one of the best bass players I've ever heard". To this day he is a part of my musical family, I love Tommy's playing, and he gets me off the couch to golf, more than anyone.

Larry Bodner and I have worked together for more than 20 years. He works with lots of folks and is always ready to golf.

Virgil visiting Christina Mulligan (Keyboards, Material Men) at one of her gigs. Say's VIRG, "She's my favorite new friend..."

At the studio for "Song for the Doctor" (A tribute to Doug Riley)

L To R  Rhonda Silver, Betty Richardson, Jackie Richardson, Virgil

Sammy "The Harp" Farrant and Virgil. Virgil's first band, with no name, (1964) rehearsed in Sam's basement.

Danny Brooks and Virgil, 2 Kids that grew up in the same neighbourhood in Toronto, meet at The Kitchener Blues and Jazz Festival,2007 and after 40 years in the business their still great friends

Dave Rotundo and Virgil who are neighbours in Toronto, meet at The Kitchener Blues and Jazz Festival, 2007.

From left to right, R Billy, Captain John, Virgil, and when someone sent this to Virg it read, Freddy Mercury, Captain John, and John Bon Jovi, circa 1991

Well, we think this is Virgil at "HAIR" auditions spring 1969. 

We know.. a little like Buddy Holly...

This is BUJEN, a band that was together for about a year. 1970.   


Top L-R (the late) Frank ( Franny) Zona, Virgil ( We Know !!), Gabor Szepesi.  Front L-R  Steve Cassini, (the late) John Seath Smith, Steve ( Basshead).  No one can remember Steve's last name.  He lived in Scarborough, that's all we remember, we gave him the nick name "basshead".  If you know who this is, please contact Virgil.  Basshead, if your out there, get in touch with me.

Bobby Curtola joined Virgil on stage for

The Melody Road Public School Reunion

"Sammy The Harp", on stage with Virgil at The Hollywood. Sam and Virgil have known each other for over 45 years, and Virgil is guessing that Sam is 81 years young in this shoot. Say's Virg, "Sam is such an inspiration, I just love him." 


Jim Casson

Eugene Smith, Brian Blain, & Virg

Al Leger

Virgil and Shawne Jackson

Virgil, Ben Jokela, John Johnson, Gary Taylor, Garth Vogan

Tom Barlow and Virgil (Caravan), on the 25 anniversary of  "The Last Waltz" .. The Harp in Port Credit 

Virgil at the Harp in Port Credit with The Nomads

This is my buddy Chuck Jackson and I, on a Sunday afternoon at Roc'n'Doc's, right in the middle of " I'm Your Puppet ", Oct 2011

Russ Strathdee and myself, finally on stage together. Oct 24.2012.
Thx to Wayne Buttery at The Beacon, Wasaga Beach.

This is my buddy, Donnie Meeker.We met in 68 with our high school bands..Donnie Meeker And The Jakes and The Innocence of Virgil Scott..We still see each other often and gig together a couple of times a year..Old school love for this guy..

Canada Day 2014

One of my Hero's George Olliver, a legend.