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Virgil Scott has earned a living entertaining in Canada for over 50 years-

"How many people can say that?", he says with a smile.

His entertainment career began with his neighbourhood band "The Innocence Of Virgil Scott" at 17 years of age and his natural talent soon found recognition as Virgil was opening for major Canadian recording acts throughout Southern Ontario. The resurgence of Motown and Rhythm and Blues in the 80's propelled Virgil's career and he became a mainstay headliner in Nightclubs and Casino's across Canada and the US and to this day enjoys an extensive following. Virgil moreover has enjoyed an impressive theatrical career, appearing in such productions as "Bye Bye Birdie", "The Grinch Who Stool Christmas" and the Toronto production of "Hair".

"Moondance A Tribute to Van Morrison" has been developed over the past 7 years and performed in several theatres throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The 7-piece band has some of Canada's finest players with numerous Juno Award winners involved. The songs [ 25 in all ] go back to Morrison's beginning on the radio with "Gloria" and "Here Comes The Night" when he sang with the band THEM. The show continues through the "Moondance" album , to Domino, Wildnight, Cleaning Windows and to more current releases like Days Like This, Bright Side Of the Road and Sometimes We Cry.  


"Virgil has a fantastic show here, such a pro, what a voice and the band is amazing. It's a must for any Van Morrison fan, his voice is uncanny to the point that if you close your eyes, you might think Van is on stage". 
Jim Paulson Jazz Radio, Toronto